Brewing Process

Step 1. Clean and sterilise all the equipment and vessels to be used before commencing the brew.

Step 2. Heat the water to required temperature for our brew and is then called Liquor. The “Mash Tun” is then filled to the required depth with hot water. Once we have our correct level and temperature of hot water, we then tip in all the grains. This has a porridge like consistency within the mash tun. This is then left to Mash for a set period with just the temperature being taken periodically to ensure we’re getting the correct sugars.

Step 3. After mashing we will then transfer the dark sugary liquid (called wort) from the mash tun to the copper. Once the wort has risen above the elements in the “Copper” we then turn the elements on to bring our wort to the boil.

Step 4. With 36,000 watts boiling up our wort, it is starting to get a little warm by now, but the wort must be boiled, the more vigorous the better. Once we had a good boil, we can now add our first hops, which give us the bitterness level of the beer. After a set period of time, we then put in the second hops to add flavour, we then come to the best bit – the “aroma hops”. These can be a single hop or a blend of aroma hops, and when these go into the copper, the smells are beautiful.

Step 5. Fermentation, once all our wort has been transferred, we then add our yeast and away we go.

The beer will take about 3 days to ferment to the required gravity at which point we turn the cooler on to arrest the fermentation and then leave the beer for a further 4 days to settle and condition. It is then casked up and left to condition in the cask for a few more days before it can be delivered to your local pub, served at the right temperature and enjoyed by you.