Award winning real ales. At the Forge Brewery we pride ourselves on our well-deserved reputation for brewing good quality real ales.

We have 10 ales to offer the latest being our new beer Heart of Gold and are sure you will enjoy tasting each one!

Indian Pale Ale 4.5%

A pale coloured bitter, with a very complex blend of hops leaving you with a nice grapefruit bitter twang on the finish.

Litehouse 4.3%

Supreme Champion Beer. Golden colour, light and hoppy citrus notes with a hint of elder flower and a bitter finish.

Discovery 3.8%

A light zesty session ale, Discovery has won many awards including SIBA SW regional gold and gold overall champion of the competition in 2012 and the SIBA SW Bronze award in the ‘Champion of Champions’ competition 2013. This refreshing ale really punches above its weight!

Reverend Hawkers 4.6%

A colourful ale, full or character, a blend of six different hops and a special red malt give this ale its complex flavours and a mahogany colour.

Handsome 5.1%

Supreme Champion Beer. A well balanced, light brown bitter, has malty hints with a nice hoppy finish.

Hartland Blonde 4.0%

A refreshing lager coloured ale, with a crisp citrus bite and aromas of fruit, has a dry, fresh hoppy finish. The perfect accompaniment for a summers day.

Tamar Source 4.6%

Named after our new site at Woolley at the start of the Tamar river, this complex amber coloured ale packs a punch from the blend of six different hops.